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Marios Gavrilis is a Greek-German actor and Voice Arts Awards winning voice actor working internationally and is based in Los Angeles and Berlin. He has appeared on German television in various shows and movies such as the Emmy Award winning comedy show „Familie Braun“ (ZDF) and the internationally most successful German TV show „Alarm für Cobra 11“ (RTL).

In 2019, he starred in his self-produced short film „Shots Fired“, directed by Vladimir Scheiermann and Sascha Kuznia. „Shots Fired“ won the Award of Excellence at One-Reeler Short Film Competition in 2019. Some of his most known achievements on stage include leading roles in „The Just Assassins“ by Albert Camus at the National Theater of Hamburg and performing at the National Theaters of Frankfurt, Mainz and Jena in Germany.

Furthermore, Marios is an award winning voice actor, winning two awards at the SOVAS Voice Arts Awards in Los Angeles in 2019 for Best Dubbing, Foreign Language, and Outstanding Body of Work, Foreign Language. He has starred as the leading character’s German voice in several major video games such as „Assassin’s Creed Odyssey“ (Alexios), „Gotham Knights“ (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Death Stranding (Sam Porter Bridges) and Mortal Kombat 11 (Rain). He has appeared in numerous other major video games such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Far Cry, The Amazing Spiderman, Star Wars – The Old Republic, Fifa 2018, Final Fantasy, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and many more. His commercial work includes VO campaigns for renowned brands such as Volkswagen, Samsung, Shell, Citroen, Audi and Google.


  • Was ich eigentlich sagen wollte (Comedy Central, 2021)
  • Among Us (2020)
  • Shots Fired (2019)
  • My Big Fat Greek Headache (2018)
  • Alarm für Cobra 11 (RTL, 2017)
  • Familie Braun (ZDF, 2016)
  • Morgen musst du sterben (ARD, 2010)
  • Ein Fall für Zwei (ZDF, 2010)

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Schauspielhaus Hamburg

  • Die Gerechten (R: A. Riemenschneider)
  • Gonzo (R: D. Wahl)
  • Nur ein Tag (R: G. Pigor)
  • Die Odyssey (R: K. Schumacher)

Staatstheater Mainz

  • Die Durstigen (R: A. Rößler)
  • Krieg der Bilder (R: M. Aberg)

Schauspiel Frankfurt

  • Das letzte Hochhaus (R: S. Seidel)
  • Maria Magdalena (R: S. Kimmig)
  • Zeit zu lieben Zeit zu sterben (R: F. Fiedler)

Theaterhaus Jena

  • Brachland (R: A. Azas)

Konzertdirektion Landgraf

  • Verrücktes Blut (R: T. Geißinger)

Dubbing TV & Film (selection)

  • La Casa de Papel / Moneyheist (Jaime Lorente as Denver)
  • Preacher (Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer)
  • True Detective 3 (Mahershala Ali as Detective Wayne Hays)
  • WU-TANG (Julian Elijah Martinez as Divine Giggs)
  • Supergirl (Mehcad Brooks as Jamey Olsen)
  • The Boy Next Door (Ryan Guzman as Noah Sandborn)
  • How It Ends (Theo James as Will Younger)
  • Riverdale (Mark Consuelo as Hiram Lodge)
  • Attack on Titan (Yoshimasa Hosoya as Reiner Braun)
  • Blindspot (Ennis Emer as Rich Dotcom)
  • Vikings (Jasper Pääkönen as Halfdan)
  • Operation 12 Strong (Trevante Rhodes as Ben Milo)
  • Star Wars Resistance (Keston John as Marcus Speedstar)
  • Ben Hur (Jack Huston as Judah Ben Hur)
  • Bad Moms 1 + 2 (Jay Hernández as Jessie Harkness)
  • The Liberator / Der Befreier (Bradley James as Felix Sparks)
  • Der Nebel (Okezie Morro as Bryan Hunt)
  • Peaky Blinders (Michael)
  • Moonlight (Academy Award Best Picture, Trevante Rhodes as Black)
  • House of Cards (Korey Jackson as Sean Jeffries)

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TV Voice

  • Off-Voice of The Masked Singer / Pro7

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  • Citroen
  • Google
  • Head&Shoulders
  • Hidrofugal
  • LG
  • Netto
  • SEAT
  • Samsung
  • Tabac Man Gravity
  • Volkswagen

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Dubbing Video Games

  • Gotham Knights (Bruce Wayne/Batman)
  • Assassin‘s Creed Odyssey (Alexios)
  • Mortal Kombat 11 (Rain)
  • Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War (Arash Kadivar)
  • Werewolf (several characters)
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Serka)
  • The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Harry Osborn)
  • Final Fantasy XV (Ravus Nox Fleuret)
  • Far Cry 5 (Dr. Charles Lindsey)
  • World of Worcraft: Legion (Prince Farondis)
  • Lego Marvel Superheroes 2,
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • Need for Speed
  • FIFA 2018
  • The Elderscrolls Online
  • The Darkness 2
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Arcania: Gothic 4

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